Mission Statement

The Aerosol Suction Device aims to become of the first line of defence against harmful aerosol pathogens in dentistry.


The Aerosol Suction Device assists in creating a safe environment and provides a first defence against harmful aerosol pathogens in dentistry.

Product Description

The Aerosol Suction Device attaches to the high volume evacuation system. The tube is bendable so that the receiving end can be manipulated. Simply bend the tube to the closest proximity to the patient. The inlet for the device can be placed without obstructing the procedure being performed. After use the the device can be disposed of or sterilized for re-use.

By capturing the aerosol directly at the source it reduces any pathogens from spreading throughout the room and to those sitting in close contact with the patient. Additionally, a great source for capturing debris while trimming/adjusting dental appliances chair side (Ie. Dentures, Nightguards, etc), reducing clean up. 

Intellectual Property Protection

The Aerosol Suction Device is the subject of Patent Pending in the United States and Canada. Other territories are being considered on an as-needed basis.